Terms & Conditions

We always try to be helpful, flexible and sensible when dealing with our customers. But we do have to define a few rules. We don’t like jargon or lots of small print, so we’ve set these out as simply as we can, so you know exactly where you stand.

Development of software

  1. InterMention reserves the right to alter and change its applications, systems and network.
  2. InterMention reserves the right to use software and components of third-parties, including open source software, in the development of its products and services.
  3. The source code of the applications of InterMention will never be released.
  4. InterMention cannot be hold responsible for defects in software or components of third-parties.


  1. All prices are in euros and exclusive of sales tax (VAT) and other levies imposed by the government.
  2. InterMention reserves the right to adjust its prices. The client will be informed two months in advance.
  3. All costs resulting from the agreement between InterMention and the client shall be charged on the account of the client, unless otherwise agreed.
  4. All communicated prices are subject to typing errors. No liability is accepted for the consequences of such errors.


  1. InterMention is not required to perform work outside the agreed assignment with the client.


  1. Subscription fees are due at the beginning of each billing period (usually monthly).
  2. Failing to pay subscription fees may result in the clients account being deleted.
  3. All refunds are entirely at our discretion.
  4. Where possible we will settle refunds with open payments.

Terms of use

  1. The client must ensure we have up to date contact details.
  2. Account details must not be shared (however, sharing within the same organisation is fine).
  3. Login credentials (username and password) must be kept secure.
  4. InterMention does not accept any responsibility for customers actions.

Service Level Agreement

  1. InterMention does not accept any responsibility for losses incurred due to unavailability of services or loss of data.
  2. InterMention may issue refunds due to loss of service, at our discretion.

General terms

  1. InterMention reserves the right to terminate the account(s) of any customer deemed to be in violation of the terms set out in this document.
  2. By using the services of InterMention, the client agrees to be bound by these terms.
  3. These terms are subject to change.
  4. InterMention does not accept any responsibility for any losses incurred through the use or termination of services provided by Intermention.

Final Provisions

  1. This agreement is governed by Dutch law.