Your visitors can check in digitally at the reception. If you have multiple entrances, you can place a device at each entrance. Your employee can easily see where the visitor has entered the building.


Your visitors can also check out again. If your visitor has forgotten to check out, you can also do this yourself via the admin panel. This makes it clear whether a visitor has left your location or is still present.

Realtime overview

In the admin panel you can find a realtime overview of all present visitors and employees. You can easily print out this overview so that in the event of an evacuation you have an overview of all attendees.

Badge printing

If desired, you can print out a badge after check-in that the visitor needs to carry. This way you can easily recognize a visitor.


We offer a web, iOS and Android App. With these apps we support a wide range of devices with which you can let your visitors check in.


You can send invitations to your visitors. In the invitation a link is sent with which a visitor can check in beforehand. Once present, the invitee can check in quickly with a pin code.

SMS notifications

If your visitor has checked in, your employee will receive an SMS notification in addition to the email notification. This allows them to react faster because they often have their mobile phone with them.

Delivery notification

When a package is delivered, the deliverer can sign in the package and a notification is sent to the receiver so it can be picked up quickly.

Non Disclosure Agreement

You can choose to have your visitors sign a Non Disclosure Agreement during check-in. Your visitors place a signature, which is stored digitally.


Our system is easy to set up multilingual. Currently we offer our system in English and Dutch as standard. You can easily add more languages and translations yourself.

Instructions & Quiz

You can provide your visitors with instructions or certain rules that apply to ensure safety during their visit. You can also measure whether the visitor has been understood the instructions by a quiz.

Time registration

By having your employees check in you can accurately keep track of who is present. The big advantage of this is that you register how long an employee is present and can check whether he keeps to the working hours.


With the reports you can retrieve various statistics or data. Handy for management purposes.


In the event of a emergency, you can send an SMS from the system in one go to all visitors and employees present. You can also send BHV or security alerts. This allows them to respond faster in case of emergency.


Do you have multiple locations? Then you can register the visitors of all your locations with 1 Safe-In account. The registrations are recorded per location. You can also easily see if an employee is present at a certain location.


You can give multiple employees access to the admin panel. By giving permissions to an employee, you can give access to a certain functionality.